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Market Geometry combined with Pattern Recognition

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Below is a list of some of the articles that our seminar leader has published
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  • Traders world Expo Seven Reasons to take profits
  • Intro to Babson - Traders world January 2011
  • 3 Articles in Traders Journal Magazine (Asia) 2000-2007
  • The Andrews Line - Stocks&Commodities, October 1996
    Here's a charting method to determine market trend and identify reversal points to set up trading opportunities. By Ron Jaenisch
  • Combining Andrews With Elliott Wave - Stocks&Commodities, December 1990
    Considering how different they are, are the two techniques complementary? By Ron Jaenisch; page 449. 
  • Market Entry with Action/Reaction Lines - Stocks&Commodities, August 1988
    Every market action has an equal and opposite reaction, and this can be charted to show market entry points. By Ron Jaenisch; pages 307-308. 
  • An After-Christmas Story - Stocks&Commodities, April 1987
    See if you can figure out what Santa's trading system is as he tries his hand at the futures market. By Ron Jaenisch, page 121-125.
  • A Christmas Story - Stocks&Commodities, February 1986

    Jaenisch, a student of Professor Allen Andrews, reviews some of the Andrews Median Line and pivot point techniques in a whimsical story about trading Santa's account. By Ron Jaenisch; pages 36-39.

  • The Biography of Roger W. Babson

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