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Market Geometry combined with Pattern Recognition

2011/06/01 Precision Trader 6.0 Beta

 Utilizes latest high speed technology to generate signals utilizing multiple time frames and signals simultaneously. Signals are located at short term and long term probable pivots, utilizing adaptive pattern recognition.  
 Utilizes Advancements in VRMM, ORE,and other Andrews/Babson Technology



Precision Trader 5.02  High Speed 64 bit, utilizes various real time data sources. 
 Automatically finds probable short term and long term pivots.
 Utilizes recently discovered VRMM ORE and TAL
2007/08/21 Precision Trader 3 now given with the Advanced Andrews Course.
1999/05/19 AutoTrend Module available in the demo version, User's Manual updated
1999/04/20 Auto Trend Module has been added to Precision Trader 3.0
 (not available in the demo version yet)
1999/04/06  Precision Trader 3.0 Build 339 -released 
1999/03/10 Precision Trader 3.0, Build 337 - released