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Market Geometry combined with Pattern Recognition

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Level One, Two and Three Course

Everything in level one, then an in depth presentation of the many aspects of the hidden geometry of Andrews and Babson. This includes an extensive color manual, and web based video’s covering the teachings and their applications. Included in level 3 are various concepts that were discovered, validated computer tested  that came from Andrews’ original lost cache-correspondence course, that Andrews did not include in the 62 page course. Our PT3 software as a gift to you, over twenty videos that are only seen by course members.  Membership in a private email forum where course members post their analysis, questions and answer. Some course members in the email forum have  over 10 years experience with the methods. You are also able to attend a special live free get together held once a year.


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Advanced Babson Graduate Trading Course
This course included the Advanced and Expanded Course.
The course starts off with twenty web based videos, spread over a period of
one month. To accompany the videos a color manual with over 200 charts is
sent to the student. The student is invited to be in a web based discussion
Then the student receives all of the material and videos for the expanded
Then there is the live event....  This is a live seminar or private day. It
is mostly held in San Diego, but another location may be substituted. During
the morning videos are seen. After lunch there is a discussion.
  At this seminar VRMM is covered in detail. This is a way of understanding
the actions of the market that are verified using unique methods. This is
used to determine where the market is and where It Is going.
You will learn additional new ways to determine turning points in addition
to those you were shown in the Advanced and Expanded Course.
All of the turning point indicators are placed on what we call a Pivot Map.
This enables you to have a check list to for each of the various points.
There will be considerable focus upon Primary, Secondary and Tertiary lines.
The real time case study video method is used after the theory is presented.
During the case study you will be shown how he examines the market step by
step and the resulting forecast in various instruments.  The case study
videos were typically made at the rate of one a day prior to the seminar and
you will be able to see what happened afterwards.
The objective of the course is to be able to trade successfully in various
instruments using the Risk Management approach. In his autobiography, Roger
Babson discussed how the very wealthy of Europe achieved their wealth by a
very patient risk management model that worked well with their investment
timing model. It is by combining the two that the high investment growth is
Example of risk management from a great forex trader: All my trades have
mostly low position sizing. Depending on how many trades I have going on, I
will risk between 1 and 2%. If there's only one trade I will risk 2%, if
there are more than 1 I will lower down to 1%. The maximum I will risk on
all open trades is 4% - meaning 4-6 open trades with 1% risk or less. All
trades have set sl and tp. I try to have at least 1:1.5 Risk Reward or
better. I am not focused on pips but on %. A trade might be of 100 pips
while other of 50, but always looking to make 1.5 more than what I risk.
In a stock account for example, a determination is made as to how many
stocks to hold at one time. The maximum initial risk amount per stock,
starts at about 1/3 of 1% and up to 1% of portfolio value. The risk reward
is 1:3 or better.
The course objective is to enable you to have the depth and breath of
understanding necessary in order to manage a portfolio using the risk
management requirements set forth. Cost is inflation adjusted  according to
the price of gold and prior courses taken from us.

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