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Precisiontrader 5.0 is in the works. It may turn out to be the best AI software for trading.

To demonstrate what is possible we will try to achieve the Babson standard. It was set by Professor Andrews and Roger Babson. Turning 10K in margin into 50K over time. Below are links to many of the day to day videos we made over time to show the progress.Some of the videos show the logic in the trades.


Andrews money management video

March 4 morning

Top forecast in March 3 2019

March 5 2019 new trade

March 8 new trade

March 10 weekend update

Midweek march 14 update

March 17 weekend update

Mar 20 midweek update see how I reduce draw down.

Andrews money management video

March 22 weekend update

March 29 weekend update

April 7 weekend update

april 12 weekend update

 The series is a feature at the youtube Andrewscourse channel.The objective is to turn 10K into 50K